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Theatre Development Fund, is a Performing Arts Information Service providing current listings on theatre, dance and music in all five boroughs. The system is available online and offers every producer and presenter an opportunity to list events at no cost.

Listings which include theatre access information to physically challenged New Yorkers and visitors, provides potential audiences with timely, relevant performing arts information.

In order to provide for this audience, please fill out this fact sheet or email your press information to Thank you.


Part 1 - Fact Sheet
Presenting Group
Performance Space (Name of Theatre)
Production/Performance Title


TYPE OF EVENT                                     
  Performance Art
OTHER EVENTS                                   


Description of Work

Date and Times of Performances

Final Performances

Ticket Price


Do you accept TDF vouchers?  In order to accept TDF Vouchers you must have registered with tdf . If you wish to register please call 212.221.0885 ext 251 or email or fill out the form here and mail it in.

  Yes     No

If so, what days?

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Theatre Locations


Reservation and Information Phone Number

Name of Person Submitting Information

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Part 2 - Accessibility Information

Name of Venue


Contact Name

Phone Number


1.  Are there steps from the sidewalk to the lobby?

No   Yes   How many? 

2.  Are there steps from the lobby to the theatre?

No   Yes   How many? 

3.  Are there steps from the lobby to the aisles?

No   Yes   How many? 

4.  Are there steps in the aisles?

No   Yes                                   

     If Yes, please describe:

5.  Are there any other steps to be aware of?


6.  Can the theatre accommodate individuals confined to a wheelchair?

No   Yes   How many? 

7.  Can the theatre accommodate individuals capable of transferring from a wheelchair to an aisle seat?

No   Yes   How many? 

8.  Is there a special entrance for wheelchairs?

No   Yes    

     If Yes, please describe:

9.  Does the wheelchair user need to contact anyone before attending the performance?

No   Yes    

     If Yes, please describe:

10.  Are restrooms wheelchair accessible?

No   Yes    

11.  Are there aids in the restrooms?  (handrails, etc.)

No   Yes   How many? 

12.  Is there a permanently installed infrared listening system?

No   Yes    

       Availability by show?

No   Yes    

13.  Do you provide sign interpreted performances?

No   Yes    

14.  Do you provide large-type programs?

No   Yes    

15.  Do you provide supertitles?

No   Yes    

16.  Parking convenient to theatre?

No   Yes    

      If Yes, please give directions and/or address:

17.  Is there a House Manager, or Head Usher?

No   Yes    

      If Yes, please provide name and phone number: